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Tacos are a mainstay of Mexican cuisine, and are enjoyed all around the world. As the premier Mexican restaurant in the Chicago Heights, IL, area, it is only natural for us to offer our own unforgettable spin on this custom. We have exceptional burritos and have the best Authentic Mexican food in the area. We also have takeout options and more!

Of course, we offer many other kinds of food as well, each dish prepared by expert chefs. Enchiladas, carne asada, flan, and more are available. We use high quality ingredients and only the freshest produce for all our meals. Our homemade Mexican food is guaranteed to satisfy tastebuds. Our family restaurant has something for the whole family!

You can learn more about our tacos and other meals by contacting us at Burrito Station. For more information visit or contact Burrito Station in Chicago Heights, IL today! We cannot wait to assist you.